A designer living in SoCal by way of New England. Gets an endorphin rush when given a blank canvas and a concept. Strives for clean, simple design, but believes it's the job of color to breathe life into art. Strong proponent of vibrance and the "pop" that everyone's looking for. 

Newort Beach Harbor Whale Watch for my birthday. :)

Newort Beach Harbor Whale Watch for my birthday. :)


Paris Connolly

With today's decision makers changing the way they purchase, I'm interested in offering visual solutions that resonate with the buyers and users of modern day. Keeping the B2P ("Business-to-Person") approach to communicating at the forefront of every project, I strive for connection using imagery and color. 

With a B.S. in Communications from Salem State University, I went on to complete my training at the Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts. I've been professionally designing since 2012. As the Creative Manager of a business consultancy for the past three years, I oversaw all aspects of how our organization visually communicated. Servicing my internal customers cross-departmentally, my sole interest was to ensure the company goals and objectives accurately translated beyond words. I strived to conveyed the same feeling of the intended message through design while adhering to the needs of multiple departments with tight turnarounds. There really wasn’t a corner of the business that I hadn't dressed up – from the visual branding of the service offerings to the instructional design work of participant materials.

My personal love for design can be found in my interest in uncovering the latest fonts, gravitating towards pastel palettes (although I equally love knowing when it's appropriate to use them) and creating cutting edge icons. I love to self-challenge and uncover the necessary techniques that allow me to achieve the style I'm determined to create. The Smooth Pencil in Illustrator is my best friend and searching for stock photos directly in inDesign might be the best innovation Adobe has had to date (or at least in the Top 10). Don't expect to find me in Excel or Numbers; although these programs may be extremely imperative in the business world, they're too limiting in their aesthetic capabilities therefore I deem them entirely useless (just kidding). I have an unabashed love for all species of the animal kingdom, and I recently adopted a dog, Maggie, whom I named after my late great-grandmother (not sure how she would feel about that.) 




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